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Double IPA - 8.2%

Toebreaker is the very first recipe we created as Rustic Brewing Company and has been refined over time to what it is today! We use copious amounts of Citra in this beer... the result is a very aromatic, full bodied beer that is easy drinking for an 8.2% double NEIPA!

Mango Daydream

Milkshake IPA - 6.8%

Milkshake style NEIPA brewed with Galaxy, El dorado, Calypso. We used a simple malt body to emphasize the fruit/hops. Dry-hopped with Mango and Medusa hops! The Medusa lends well to the overall fruity aroma, giving hints of guava, melon and apricot.

Hop Blind

New England IPA - 6.8%

A New England IPA that utilizes heavy-handed amounts of Simcoe, Citra, mosaic and Azacca. An easy-drinking beer that is super soft. Great mix between citrus and dank earthy flavors.


Milk/Sweet Stout 7.2%

Immediately you will notice the intense aroma of coconut followed by an intriguing coffee back note. When tasted you will find a more prominent coffee flavor from the use of fresh coffee beans, followed by the deep chocolate flavors that are a result of the dark specialty malts.

Orange Daydream

Milkshake IPA - 6.8%

Orange Daydream is part of our milkshake series IPA's! We used grains that lend to a denser body and lactose sugar for creaminess. We utilized hops that contribute towards the Orange/citrus character of the beer(mosaic, mandarina bavaria, amarillo, citra, pacifica and some galaxy) and added fresh orange zest and madagascar vanilla beans to contribute to the overall orange cream flavor. Enjoy! 


New England IPA - 6.6 %

An intensely hopped New England IPA using Amarillo, Ella, Jarrylo and Mandarina Bavaria, that give this beer some nice deep tones. This is what we envision an East coast meets West coast IPA to taste like. It has the typical New England Hazy, light color profile with an explosion of aromatic hops, but also has some of that familiar west coast bitter bite as well. It has a very intriguing appeal that has left people wanting more.


New England IPA - 7 %

Hoputation... the transformation of hop flavor/aroma that occurs throughout the fermentation process, to when it hits your glass. This is one of those beers that just seemed to transform before our eyes... in a good way! We used Eureka, Amarillo, and Rakau hops, resulting in a very pleasant hop profile! a little earthy, a little fruity... and slightly citrus. 


Milkshake IPA - 7.2%

Vanilla Lavender Milkshake IPA... a well-balanced beer brewed with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans and French lavender flowers. Starts with the lavender aroma on the nose but is soon balanced out by the hops in the beer.

Grain Grazer

New England IPA - 6%

This is one of our lighter ABV beers that we brew. We utilize heaps of Centennial, Azacca and El Dorado hops in this recipe that results in a ton of citrus notes in both the aroma and flavor profile. Very easy drinking beer that is soft on the palate.

Galaxy Blind

New England IPA - 6.8%

This is everything you love about our "Hop Blind" NEIPA, only we substituted some hops in the beer with Galaxy and increased the amounts used to make this a Galaxy dominant beer. But... don't be fooled, we still use a  heavy-handed amount of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, and Azzaca! Soft, easy drinking beer.

Fruitful Darkness

Milk/Sweet Stout 7.2%

This is a super dark stout with natural chocolate notes and then topped with cocoa nibs to enhance the chocolate flavor in the beer and then racked onto raspberries. Think chocolate, raspberry truffle!


New England IPA - 7.3 %

This beer is named after our studio number “Studio G21” in the Indian Orchard Mills. We paired Amarillo, El Dorado and Centennial hops into a slightly sweeter profile beer. We then added Vic Secret into the mix of our two rounds of dry hops, which resulted in a well-balance beer with a lot of fruity/citrus character.

Blackberry Raspberry Lucid Dream

Fruited Kettle Sour - 5.1 %

This recipe is a derivative of "Check 2", part of our Soundcheck Series and our first experiment with a fruited kettle sour.  This beer is very refreshing and clocks in at a 5.1 % ABV. We added huge amounts of raspberries and blackberries to this beer with a hint of Madagascar vanilla beans, resulting in a deliciously tart berry bomb.

Strawberry Rhubarb Lucid Dream

Fruited Kettle Sour - 5.1 %

In this fruited kettle sour we utilized strawberries and rhubarb in the fermenter to concoct a beer that resembles a strawberry rhubarb pie. The rhubarb lends well to the overall sour/bitter profile of the beer, with the strawberries shining through as an overall undertone. Crisp refreshing beer for those hot days of summer!

The Lorox

New England IPA - 6.4 %

This beer was brewed in admiration of Dr. Seuss of Springfield, MA. His imaginative, creative mind is inspiring… it helps us to remember to think outside the [b]ox. The Lorox comes in the form of a light colored hazy IPA and is the guardian of hop farms and is here to speak for the hops. It speaks loudly but doesn’t pack too much punch, clocking in at a 6.4 %. The Lorox came to life through the use of Loral and Equanaut (formerly Equinox) hops… The Lor-ox! It brings a nice pleasant floral bouquet, followed by some deep fruity aromas and a hint of herbal notes that balance the malt body nicely.

Smothered in Hops

New England IPA - 7.2 %

A New England IPA that includes Simcoe, Citra and Columbus hops... all nestled nicely under the smothering amount of Galaxy in the beer. There is a nice balance between the hops, and they produce a well-rounded beer with hints of melon, kiwi and pear.

Stout is in Session

Session Stout 5.3%

This is our easy drinking, sessionable stout, built to have a ton of flavor and an enormous, robust aroma. It has strong chocolate notes with hints of exotic coffee all brought out through the use of specialty grains. This stout will keep you wanting more.

Mango Dragon Fruit Daydream

Milkshake IPA - 6.8 %

​A Milkshake style NEIPA brewed with Galaxy, El dorado, Calypso. We used a simple malt body to emphasize the fruit/hops. Dry hopped with mango, dragon fruit and Medusa hops! The Medusa lends well to the overall fruity aroma, giving hints of guava, melon, and apricot.

Calyptic Cloud

Double IPA - 8.5%

This beer has a nice golden-colored hue given from the malts used in the beer. It is very easy drinking for its weight and loaded with a ton of Galaxy and Eureka hops which lend to some nice earthy melon tones. We dry-hopped with copious amounts of Calypso hops to give it a nice added nose profile to the finish.

Azacca Blind

New England IPA - 6.8 %

This is part of our blind hop series and is everything you love about our "Hop Blind" NEIPA, only we substituted some hops in the beer with Azacca and increased the amounts used to make this an Azacca dominant beer. don't be fooled..., we still use a heavy-handed amount of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic! Soft, easy drinking beer.

jonny #5

New England IPA - 6.4 %

This beer is derived from our "Check 5" recipe. It is a heavily hopped IPA, loaded with Galaxy, Citra and Rakau. It's like a galactic battle between Galaxy and Citra, strewn across your palate, tantalizing every single taste bud in your mouth.