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Growler Policy

If you are interested in purchasing a growler, glass costs $4 This glass is yours to keep for eternity and refill when we have fills available at the brewery.( We Intend on having special brewery only growler fills out soon. NO CANS for special beers) We only sell 32o.z growlers. 

The same goes for customers who have previously bought growlers this was always listed as a PURCHASE not a deposit. 


Prices for filling your growler vary based on what kind of beer is going in the growler

We'll fill any previously purchased Rustic branded growlers, and any unmarked brown glass growlers as our own. (32oz. and 64oz.) When beer is available.

The growler must be clean! We reserve the right to refuse to fill any growlers that we find too dirty to clean with a hot water rinse. Please rinse your growlers thoroughly with only hot water after use. Do not use soap or detergent. And do not store your growlers with the caps on. It creates a terrarium for mold and bacteria.


We will fill 32oz and 64oz growlers only and the container must have the volume indicated on the container..


We will only fill 32oz and 64oz glass growlers that fit a standard 1.5” cap. We cannot fill the Boston Round or “medicine bottle” style 33mm growlers.


We will fill 32oz and 64oz stainless steel and Hydro Flask style growlers. But they must be clean and have a resealable lid.

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